In recent years I have begun writing and recording songs for the production music branch of esteemed record label Ninja Tune. I originally began as a collaborator on a track for Tom Belton that was used for the BBC’s coverage of the Rio Olympics and Channel 4’s Formula 1 Grand Prix. Following on from this I was commissioned to write a number of pieces for their new production music library which was published in late 2017; you can hear all my original Ninja Tune Production Music tracks here.

The pieces I have written are arranged for use in commercials, tv, film, video games and any other audio visual productions. As with most of my songwriting they all have an acoustic flavour, whether that be as ‘quirky’ folk, jazz or contemporary flamenco compositions.

If you have any requests for original compositions for any audio visual media or live performance please send me an email with your requirements to [email protected]. Alternatively if you would like to use any of my published production music please contact [email protected]