“I decided to take guitar lessons, cause after a few years of playing my progress was slowing down and down. First lesson with Renny and I already knew that this guy can teach me a lot. Great skills, strong feel of rhythm and a lot of patience. Really a LOT. Every single time I take a lesson he shows me the right way to place my thumb… If you think you are “good” and don’t need any lessons just wait until you see Renny playing. He can play even the most difficult falsetas while counting or vocalizing the whole melody…Great teacher for guitarists of any level.”


“If you’re thinking about taking lessons from Renny, do it! I have been learning Flamenco and classical from him for more than a year now and I keep progressing. Renny always find a way to make the hardest possible, he is a really talented musician and takes pleasure in sharing his passion. Lessons are customised to your learning speed and objectives. After more than a year I have made great progress. Thumbs up and full recommendation for this excellent guitarist and teacher.”

Fabien Mathieu

Flamenco is a deeply rewarding genre that I have been fortunate to study whilst living in Spain and I really enjoy teaching. Lessons are broken down into a combination of exercises exploring arpeggio, picado, rasgueado, abaníco and alzapúa to name but a few!!! We will explore the music through the different palos or branches of flamenco such as solea, tangos, tarantas and bulerias.

I regularly post tutorials to my youtube channel which is a good resource to supliment the 121 lessons. Here is a super useful exercise exploring a combination of picado and arpeggio right hand techniques for intermediate guitarists. Enjoy!