“Renny is an excellent musician and teacher. He taught me the fundamentals of the guitar and music and gave me the confidence to play songs in a very short time. Classes are always fun and relaxed.”

Peter Fields

“Excellent teacher, professional and enthusiastic.”

Cosette Muñoz

“Renny is fully recommended as he is an amazing guitarist and a great teacher. It’s a challenge to find the combination of the two but were lucky to have him here in our area. As an instructor he works with whatever level you’re at and is always trying to find and understand your way of learning and absorbing the information… He has great attention to detail as well as fundamental technique so you get the optimal sound.”

Mark Watan

I am a professional guitar tutor and performing musician based in Seville, Spain. I am a member of the Registry of Guitar Tutors at the London College of Music, teaching many guitar styles to people of all ages and abilities, from beginners to advanced. I specialise in webcam lessons online, particularly flamenco guitar lessons for English speakers. You can read my students’ reviews in full on my Google Business page here.

As well as acoustic and flamenco guitar, I have taught blues, jazz, bossa nova, pop, swing, reggae and classical guitar styles to name but a few! I love exploring and teaching a wide range of styles and am always willing and able to adapt the lessons to suit your interests. I encourage all my students to become ‘music literate’, developing skills to read TAB and/or sheet music plus an understanding of essential music theory. Nothing too dry though, don’t worry!!!

I have taught pupils of all ages and abilities from children through to retired adults and have an advanced DBS certificate. I can provide you with many excellent references from parents, schools, academies and students at your request.

I used to be based in London but have since relocated to Seville so primarily teach webcam lessons via Skype. However if you are living in or visiting Seville I can provide lessons face to face as well. You can purchase individual lessons or batches of five or ten lessons with an additional discount direct from my online shop. If you would like to ask any direct questions before making a booking please email [email protected] and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


  • How often are the lessons?

Most of my students take lessons weekly although some prefer once a fortnight. In my own learning experience the ideal number is twice a week, in which case I give students a discount on fees to make it more viable.

  • When can I take a lesson?

I have availibility from Monday to Saturday and work throughout the day including evenings. I have a busy schedule but can always find the time for new students so just let me know when you’re available and we can figure it out.

  • What about cancellations?

I will always make an effort to find another slot during the same week but if this can’t be done then the full fee will be charged with less than 48 hours cancellation notice.

  • Can I take lessons online?

Yes absolutely! See my webcam lessons page for more info 🙂